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Everything you’ll need to invite friends

with text/email: 

Include the time of your party on October 17th and send them this link. You know your audience, so don't hesitate to add your own flair!

with social media: 

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I'm hosting a (virtual) SparkVotes Party on October 17th!

Want an invite? DM me!

Or sign up to host your own SparkVotes party!

Learn more at

#SparkVotes #umichvotes #umturnout

How to set up your Zoom call before your Party

Or click HERE for a pdf version.

Everything you’ll need for your party

Print these before the party

Score Sheet

Answer Key

Share the Party Games from here

SparkVotes Party Game Deck

Put these links in the Zoom Chat when prompted


During Game 3:  Clues and Sample Ballot


At the end of the Party:  SparkVotes Guest Prize Entry Form

How to run your SparkVotes Party

Or click HERE for a pdf version.

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