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“A remarkable initiative designed for first-time voters! I love how the use of thoughtful design transforms an unfamiliar experience into an easy and welcoming one.”

Juror #1


“The messages we place in our public spaces create a communal discourse and broadcast values that we hold dear. This voting campaign came at a time of great need for our democracy. The materials give people clarity, confidence, and hope.”

Juror #2

“This project really serviced a need in our nation and society. Design is truly an industry of service to those who use its systems and this project really captured it for me.”

Juror #3

SEGD AWARD FEATURE (mid-Nov. 2021)


Mention in University Record Article (Nov. 8, 2021)


The Review (Official Magazine of Michigan Municipal League) - October 2021


Stamps Emergence 2021 (Summer/Fall 2021?)

Direct link to 2021 issue:

The general Emergence page on Stamps website: (but not direct link to 2021 issue)


DesignWeek shortlist (June 2021)


Election Line (May 13, 2021)

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