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Encourage your friends to vote! Win PRIZES!

SparkVotes Parties!

Looking to put the "social" into "social distancing" and use your voice before the election? Host a game-night style SparkVotes Party!


Yours will be one of many SparkVotes parties happening (virtually) all across the UM-Ann Arbor campus on October 17th. That's 17 days before the election!


Your guests will compete in several fun, non-partisan, voting-themed games — including a signature match challenge, a ballot scavenger hunt, and a not-so-trivial pursuit face-off. The games and their instructions will be compiled into a Google Slides presentation for you to screen-share over Zoom.



Everyone who hosts a UM-Ann Arbor party will have a chance to win:



Gift baskets from Roos Roast, Cherry Republic and Bivouac

Everyone who participates in a UM-Ann Arbor party will have a chance to win:

$75 gift cards to Sava’s

$50 gift cards to Zingerman’s 

$30 gift cards to Cottage Inn Pizza


When : Saturday, October 17th

You'll need : 1 hour + Zoom + some friends!


Ready to get the party started?

I’m a U-M Ann Arbor student and I’d love to host or co-host a party!

Any questions?


I don’t know much about voting. Can I still host a SparkVotes party?

Definitely. You don’t need to be a voting expert or even an eligible voter to host or attend a SparkVotes party. A SparkVotes party is a great way to learn more about voting and help others understand the process. 


What if I’ve already voted?

Great! Think of the party as a fun way to hang out with friends and help spread voting momentum. Plus, did we mention PRIZES?


Do I have to host all by myself?

You can host as an individual, or you can co-host with a friend!


What time on October 17th?

That’s totally up to you and your guests — pick a time that works for you!


Why October 17th?

That's two days before online voter registration ends in Michigan. And 17 days before the election!


How many friends should I invite? 

The games have been designed to be played by two teams in each party, so for maximum fun, we recommend inviting 6-8 guests. But if you have a few more guests, that’s okay too!


How long will the party take?

The party games have been designed to last about an hour.


Will I be the one who sets up the Zoom meeting? 

Yes! Make sure to sign in using your account (so you don’t have to worry about a time limit for your party) and send your friends the link. We’ll send you a quick ‘how-to’ for everything you need to do.


What happens after I sign up to host a party?

We’ll send you a few emails that will make inviting friends and hosting your SparkVotes party super easy. These will include helpful instructions on setting up your Zoom meeting, a step-by-step guide to screen sharing (and more), and a link to the Google Slides party games. We recommend you test everything out before your party on October 17th.

Is there a way to just join a party?

Email us at and we will do our best to find you a party! 

Not a U-M Ann Arbor student but still interested?  

We’re happy to share our Spark Votes Party materials with other schools! If you’re in Michigan, it should be easy to adapt the games for parties on your campus. If you are from an out-of-state campus, we can send you our Michigan-specific materials as inspiration for a SparkVotes-style events tailored to your state’s voting regulations.

I’m not at U-M Ann Arbor but —wow — this sounds fun!


Still have questions?

Email us at You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook @SparkVotes.

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