Beginning in 2018, we have designed studio classes that complement our creative research. These courses at the University of Michigan Stamps School of Art and Design engage students with voting and encourage them to use their creative skill sets to help their peers vote. Below are some examples of student work.


Create an “explainer” for students that makes it easy to register and vote-by-mail in Michigan.


Create an “explainer” for students that makes it easy to register and vote in Michigan.

A series of four posters, Erin Walski

An Instagram story about doing down-ballot research, Rachel Rettie

A stop-motion animation, Taylor Kelly

MANY THANKS to our students at the Stamps School of Art and Design whose experiences, insight and creative work have informed and enriched our research.

Fall 2020: Shalin Berman, Josie Burck, Jessica Burkle, Yeager Edwards, Mary Finch, Sara Ganshaw, Sam Greenhill, Junpyo Hong, Chloe Hooker, Katie Huang, Kaylee Johnson, Maddy Kachikian, Aditi Kannan, Taylor Kelly, Jordan Lamaide, Anna Lebedeva, Ariel Lowenstern, Juliet Mandell, Gabrielle Mechaber, Alice Munro, Gwyneth Murray, Josiah Rentschler, Rachel Rettie, Casey Rheault, Sara Spillman, Morgan Tucker, Erin Walski, Ellie Ward, Margaret Wiebe, Bailey Yonkman, Lucy Zhang


Winter 2020: Molly Bokor, Roseanne Chao, Anna Deluca, Ashley Holland, Kaylee Johnson, Valerie Le, Sunjae Lee, Valerie Matula, Seamus Mulready, Maya Neideck, Yuki Obayashi, Maggie Roback, Sabrina Schwartzberg, Nolan Trepeck, Maddy Vervaecke, Abby Ziemkowski


Fall 2018:  Allysa Benedict, Tanya Ballal, Kaitlyn Beukema, Stephanie Bloom, Maddie Fox, Shreya Garg, Alexa Gordon, Katie Lacroix, Gabi Pascual, Stephanie Sim, Ryan Sowulewski, Manda Villareal