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CREATive campaign 2018

Voting is Sexy installation in the Art and Architecture building

CREATive campaign 2018

Voting is Sexy, launched in summer 2018, was a series of creative interventions — online, in public spaces on campus and in the classroom — that made voting more visible, less confusing, and more appealing to college students in the November 2018 midterms. 


Our high energy, non-partisan project engaged students to co-create and test creative tools that could energize and increase voter participation amongst their peers. We worked with over 50 students in three U-M units and our campaign, which included a range of events, environmental graphics, social media, and videos, reached several thousand students across campus and beyond!


Here are 8 of our favorite creative interventions:

Interactive Installation invites students to creatively share thoughts and feelings on voting


Artscapade Presence

We designed a participatory installation for this Welcome Week event for 2000 freshmen at the U-M Museum of Art. Students were invited to share their thoughts about voting and celebrate being new voters in playful photo-ops with peers.

Just Registered. Two students celebrate their voter registration status at the U-M Museum of Art Artscapade Event
A group poses with whiteboard speech bubbles and kazoos at the Voting is Sexy installation at the U-M Museum of Art
Installation Infographic to explain some things to consider regarding where and how to vote
Creative tool for showing where you plan to vote


Registration Graphics

Students developed environmental graphics for the Stamps School hallways to demystify and encourage registration. A map activity made plans for voting visible, reminded students of deadlines and offered QR code links to states with online registration.

Students in the Michigan Theater pose with Voting Is Sexy information at the weekly lecture series
Don't be spooked! compare candidates and learn about ballot proposals at... flyer for Voting is Sexy After Hours event
Voting is Sexy video advertisement short shown at the Michigan Theater before the Penny Stamps Distinguished Speaker Series


Michigan Theater Thursdays

In collaboration with the Stamps School’s weekly lecture series, we established a regular presence in the lobby of this majestic theater with timely prompts, answers, merch and snacks. Video shorts, made by our School of Music, Theatre and Dance partners, were screened for an audience of 800-1200 before the guest artist and clarified key voting information with humor.

Absentee ballot voting is sexy instagram post
Absentee Voting in Michigan in 5 Sexy Steps! creative design informational poster with patch
How to Vote Absentee as a First Time Student Voter in Michigan creative video


Absentee Voting Explainers

We took on this confusing topic (which was particularly complicated in Michigan in 2018),

in a range of formats: videos, posters and social media stories.

Soon-to-be first time voters fill out voter registration forms on campus at a Voting is Sexy table with pins
Registration Mentors pose with envelopes filled with students' voter registration forms to be sent
A Registration Mentor helps another student better understand the registration process at a campus event


Registration Mentors

Our students were trained to help others navigate the registration process. Their peer-to-peer interactions (in classroom presentations and at campus events) were fun, empowering — and effective!

I vote because the world is in flames and it's one thing I can do whiteboard speech bubble
Student writing on a White Board Speech Bubble


White Board Speech Bubbles

This versatile tool for instant photo-ops encourages students to articulate their values — or just have fun. Students could pose with a ready-made message or personalize their expression of voter identity.

The sexiest thing about voting is him me silly whiteboard speech bubbles highlighting the open attitude of Voting is Sexy
Student posing with My Vote is My Voice whiteboard speech bubble inside U-M Museum of Art
Sex(y voting) Ed Your ballot has an attractive back side playful Twitter design with important voting info
My vote matters because I matter Voting Is Sexy Instagram post where an empty design is filled by students' personal writing
My vote matters because The people who fought for my right to vote Voting Is Sexy Instagram post where an empty design is filled by students' personal writing
Sex(y voting) Ed Vote first. Selfies later. playful Twitter design with important voting info


Social Media Nudges

Our student-crafted Instagram messages — playful Sex(y Voting) Ed tips — clarified key tripping points. Another series, #MyVoteMattersMonday on Twitter, connected students to each other by posting handwritten reflections about why voting matters.

Registration Romance still video screencap collaboration across the arts with UM School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Make your mother proud: Register. Am I registered to vote? video screencap collaboration across the arts with UM School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Dancing at preparation for Voting is Sexy video shoot with collaboration across the arts with the Stamps School of Art and Design working with the UM School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

am I registered to vote?


Collaboration Across the Arts

Our colleagues in the UM School of Music, Theatre and Dance, worked with their students to translate the energy of our campaign into their own creative language. Ranging from playful improvs to carefully scripted and produced voting vignettes, their videos added extra sizzle to the project.

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