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Our Story

We began with the idea that, as art and design faculty, our creative toolbox could help address the challenges faced by student voters. In 2018, we co-taught a studio course where students designed a voter engagement campaign for their peers. Since then, we have evolved into a creative research team that works year-round with campus, city and regional partners.


Our unique contribution to the UM-Ann Arbor voter engagement community relies on the power of visual design and the vibrancy of creative play. Alongside our creative research to increase student voting participation, we also continue to provide curricular experiences for students. 


Our work has been recognized by SEGD (Society for Environmental Graphic Design) Global Design Awards 2021 (Merit Award for Public Installation), DesignWeek 2021 (shortlisted for Social Design), 2021 Rogers Edge Award, Stamps School of Art & Design, and 2020 North Campus Dean’s MLK Spirit Award, University of Michigan.

Our work is made possible with generous support from:


University of Michigan Democracy and Debate Initiative

University of Michigan Office of Research

University of Michigan Stamps School of Art & Design

Students Learn, Students Vote Coalition

University of Michigan ArtsEngine


Creative Campus Voting Project is a member of UMICH VOTES, a coalition of social and civic engagement organizations and projects working to expand access, educate, and engage student voters in the democratic process. UMICH Votes coalition partners include the Ann Arbor City Clerk’s Office, U-M Turn Up Turnout, the Ginsberg Center, the U-M Democracy & Debate Initiative and the University of Michigan Museum of Art.


We are grateful for the many students, colleagues, voting experts, and organizations that inform and enrich this work.

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