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Stephanie Rowden

Project Co-Lead

Stephanie Rowden is an audio documentary producer whose work encompasses installation, podcast and participatory public art. She’s inspired every time she sees students use their creative energies to help their peers register and vote. Stephanie is an Associate Professor at the Stamps School of Art & Design, University of Michigan.


Hannah Smotrich

Project Co-Lead

Hannah Smotrich is a visual communication designer whose work explores how design can make the possibilities for change visible, accessible, and actionable. She loves watching her students discover their design superpowers.  Hannah is an Associate Professor at the Stamps School of Art & Design, University of Michigan.


Brenna K. Murphy

Brenna K. Murphy is a visual artist, former preschool teacher, and wearer of many hats. The Project Manager for the Creative Campus Voting Project, her favorite activities include making to-do lists and crossing items off those lists with relish. She graduated with an MFA from the Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan in 2018.


Andy Kirshner

Andy Kirshner is a composer, filmmaker, and performer.  He is inspired when his students use their creative gifts as media makers to excite their friends about voting.  Andy is Professor Emeritus of Performing Arts Technology and of Art and Design at the University of Michigan.

Sky Christoph

Sky Christoph, as the Digital Communications Lead, makes things possible — websites, emails, videos, tech acrobatics. As the first in his family to be able to vote in America, he takes voter engage-ment to heart. Sky is a graduate of the Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan. 


Ben Leavitt

Ben is a current senior majoring in history and has been with the project since his sophomore year. Ben has worked in student voter engagement with the Edward Ginsberg Center and serves as a Precinct Delegate in Oakland County. Ben has also worked in political consulting at the state level for the 2022 midterm elections.

Ria Ma Headshot.png

Ria Ma

Ria Ma is an illustrator and designer interested in how visual art can create playful interventions for social and community engagement. Deeply aware of the importance of democracy and the impact of voting in everyday life, Ria is devoted to making voting more accessible to her peers. She is currently pursuing a BFA in the Stamps School of Art and Design.


Aditi Kagalkar

Aditi Kagalkar is a first-year M.S. student at the U-M School of Information, specializing in User-Centered Development. Aditi previously completed her B.S. in Computer Science. She is committed to utilizing innovative solutions with the combination of design and technology that empower people to actively participate in shaping their communities.


Alex Warren

Alex is an undergraduate student studying Information Science at UMSI. He is passionate about increasing excitement around voting through gamified design with special consideration to accessibility.


Zichen Zang

Zichen (Selina) Zang is a double major in Art & Design (BA) at the Stamps School and in User Experience Design (BSI) at the School of Information. She is passionate about human-computer interaction and digital fabrication, creating 3D models for interactive installations and employing user interface and experience design to support students in the voting process.

Previous Team Members

Carolina Jones

Casey Rheault

Juan V. Marco

Maddie Shepherd

Ren Strawn

Stephanie Sim

Sarah Miles

Elizabeth Williams

Vincent Pinti

Alonzo Cortez

Lindsey Haughton

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