Ann Arbor City Clerk’s

Satellite Office @ UMMA

Monday  Friday : 10am to 7pm

Saturday, Oct 31 : 8am to 4pm

Monday, Nov 2 : 8am to 4pm

Tuesday, Nov 3 : 8am to 8pm

Register to vote in Ann Arbor

Update registration address

Request an absentee ballot

Drop off an absentee ballot (for city of Ann Arbor)

Vote early

By law, college students have the right to choose where they vote — their permanent address or campus (student) address.


For U-M students, and others eligible to vote in Ann Arbor, 
the Ann Arbor City Clerk’s Satellite Office @ UMMA can help you with all aspects of the voting process.


U-M students who plan to vote in Ann Arbor can use their MCard as photo ID to register. In Michigan, eligible citizens can register to vote through Election Day. 


Make sure to verify your voter registration status!


In Michigan:


Elsewhere, you can find your state's election site HERE

About this project:

The Creative Campus Voting Project is proud to have worked with our partners to make voting less confusing and more visible, celebratory and accessible for students!


The Ann Arbor City Clerk's Office @ UMMA is a unique collaboration across the arts, local government, and a university. This project would not have been possible without the vision and efforts of Ann Arbor City Clerk Jacqueline Beaudry, Professor Edie Goldenberg (Ford School), Briannon Cierpilowski (UMMA), Michael Rein (U-M Office of the Vice President for Government Relations) and many others. 


Our thanks to University of Michigan's Democracy and Debate Theme Semester for generously supporting this project.


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