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Ballot Wayfinder

40-foot interactive installation to orient voters to their ballot

Student voters are often surprised by their first encounter with a ballot. It is not uncommon for them to feel overwhelmed and intimidated by what looks like a long and complicated series of decisions. The Ballot Wayfinder gives students a visual heads up of what to expect and invites them into a playful, informative experience to develop a sense of confidence.

02BW Duderstadt_Ballot Wayfinder 2.jpg

Playground-like sculptures introduce key offices on the federal, state and local levels. For each office, a rotating cube helps voters understand both the role and the impact that the office could have on specific issue areas.

01BW VoteDUDE22_098.JPG

A Ballot Field Guide explains the color-coding system for the highlighted issue areas.

03BW VoteDUDE22_028.JPG

An infographic about the Michigan court system shows students which judicial seats are up for election and what their vote might impact.

04BW VoteDUDE22_057.JPG

The Proposal Wall explains how ballot proposals work in Michigan and points to reliable information about the views of both supporters and opponents for each proposal.

05BW VoteDUDE22_026.JPG

A research area invites students to sit down and explore non-partisan, trustworthy resources to learn about candidates and proposals.

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