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We designed this digital party package for students to host virtual gatherings for their friends. Students compete in a series of games that deliver helpful voting information, prompt them to make a plan to vote, and create a social atmosphere where students can feel comfortable learning together. There were four games:

SparkVotes Parties!

non-partisan, voting-themed game night

2020 project


GAME 1: Count My Ballot

Race to find the two signatures that match well enough for an absentee ballot to be verified and counted.


GAME 2: Not-so-Trivial Pursuit

"Buzz" in (using Zoom's chat feature) to be the first to answer voting-related questions.

ballot snippet2.jpg

GAME 3: Ballot Quest

Work together in your team's Zoom break-out room with 12 minutes and a set of clues to wind your way through a sample ballot to complete five tasks.

What_s your next step.jpg

GAME 4: Step Up Song Challenge

Look at steps for a range of voting plans and (silently!) determine your next move. Then, give a hint — through song — to see if other can guess your next step!

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The project was generously supported by : SLSV Coalition, University of Michigan Office of Research, UM Stamps School of Art and Design, Democracy and Debate Theme Semester. Thanks as well to Roos Roast, Cherry Republic and Bivouac for providing student prizes. We are excited to continue developing the project for 2022!

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